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Case Study - Lana Cotone


After trading online very successfully for many years the business owner was advised to upgrade his broken Oscommerce store to something newer where he could enjoy the benefits of better stock control, responsive design and an improved customer experience utilising a 1 page guest checkout system.

The website sells School Uniforms to parents where items purchased can be sent directly to the boarding School of the child. The website also sells second hand items which when ordered have to be assigned to a unique parent code so that a commission can be paid to the correct parent. This system required some custom coding but is working well along with the ability to generate custom reports.

The look of the website was very much determined by the design of the old shop. The colours remained the same as they compliment each other well and clearly define the areas of the page but it was all given a lift and the layout changed around in order to make the design as user friendly as possible.

Payment methods include cheque, Paypal and Worldpay with the checkout utilising SSL encryption to protect customer data. The new website should stand the test of time very well and should be good for the next 5+ years.

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