Emailing large files

So you’ve come back from holiday with a camera or phone bursting with images that you would like to email to a friend but every time you try and send the email it gets rejected or times out. How frustrating!

Why is this happening?
The answer is pretty simple really. Images directly from a modern phone or camera are very large files and email just wasn’t designed to cope, it’s an old technology after all.

What are my options?
Resizing the images to a smaller size is one option but this takes time and you probably won’t have or know how to use software that can handle this.

You could copy the images to a disc, USB flash drive or memory card and send the images in the post but it’s allot of hassle.

WeTransfer is the best option. It allows you to send large files via email and best of all its free (paid version available). Simply visit the website and use their form to upload an send your files. WeTransfer will bundle all of your files together and notify the email recipient that they have files ready to download.