Choosing & Purchasing Domain Names

What is a domain name ?

The Internet can be a confusing place but believe it or not the boffins who developed it were thinking about the rest of us and ways in which it could be made more user friendly. The Internet works using numbers such as called ip addresses which point to various web servers (powerful computers) around the World that when connected together form a giant web. It is far easier to remember words than numbers and this is why the domain name was invented. is an example of a domain name.

Choosing a domain name

So you know you want one but not sure how you find a domain name that is available to buy. The first thing you will want to do is see if the name of your company is available to be registered. The simplest way is to type the domain name i.e into a whois search engine which will tell you if the domain name is available to be purchased.
domainsDon’t be put off if your ideal domain name has already been taken. Adding hyphens or buying a domain name with an unusual extension such as may be possible.

The easiest way of brain storming a name is to pick words related to the products you sell or the service(s) you offer. You can use hyphens to split up some of the words if you wish but try and keep the domain name as short as possible as the longer the domain name is the harder it will be for your customers to remember it.

Keep a pen and paper handy so you don’t forget your best ideas. Once you have a few suggestions feel free to run them past me. A good domain name could very well help with your websites position on search engines.

Purchasing domain names

Setting up domain names can be tricky and confusing. If there is a domain name available that you are interested in purchasing please contact us.