Portfolio – a sample of our work

When not freelancing for other companies or working on side projects we build websites for our own customers. Some of which are shown below.

 briars-previewBriars Guesthouse

The owners of the Briars Guesthouse were concerned that their existing website was not able to present itself in a user friendly way to visitors using mobile devices. They were happy with the look of their existing website but everything needed to be freshened up and tweaked in order to maximise the potential amount of visitors.

The existing website content was transferred across and large sliding images were incorporated to show off the Torbay area. The Briars Guesthouse has very good reviews which we wanted to include in a prominent location so we added a random testimonial picker to the header of the website along with a section that displays the latest independent reviews from Trip Advisor.

The new website feels more modern, is easier to update and is performing well on search engines. An hour of training was all that was needed in order to demonstrate how content could be easily edited or added.

If you operate a similar business and would like to see what Refresh Creations could offer please get in touch.

Take a closer look at this website www.briarshotel.co.uk


lana-cotoneLana Cotone

After trading online very successfully for many years the owner of the business was advised to upgrade his Oscommerce store to something newer where he could enjoy the benefits of better stock control, responsive design and an improved customer experience utilising a 1 page guest checkout system.

The website sells School Uniforms to parents where items purchased can be sent directly to the boarding School of the child. The website also sells second hand items which when ordered have to be assigned to a unique parent code so that a commission can be paid to the correct parent. This system required some custom coding but is working well along with the ability to generate reports.

The look of the website was very much determined by the design of the old shop. The colours remained the same as they compliment each other well and clearly define the areas of the page but it was all given a lift and the layout changed around in order to make the design as user friendly as possible.

Payment methods include cheque, Paypal and Worldpay and the checkout is using SSL encryption to protect customer data. The new website will hopefully stand the test of time very well and should be good for the next 5+ years.

Why not take a look at the shop and see what you think of it. www.lana-cotone.co.uk


Fiona Freer - Author of "A Long Time Dying"

Fiona Freer

Fiona spent the last eleven years of her teaching career working in a school which had been a fine Georgian mansion, and was inspired to research the history of the house. She was amazed by the tumultuous and tragic events that had taken place there, and spent the next five years finding out as much as she could.

In 1851 the mansion was purchased by Charles Tayleur, the owner of two iron foundries. He had worked with George and Robert Stephenson building locomotives and became hugely wealthy during the Industrial Revolution. While he was living at the mansion, then called Hampton House, his company built a massive iron clipper called RMS Tayleur. Despite being advertised as the largest, safest, most comfortable ship afloat, it was wrecked on its maiden voyage with enormous loss of life.

A Long Time Dying is Fiona’s first novel and is a true story of scandal, shipwreck, family discord and madness.

You can purchase a copy of “A Long Time Dying” from Fiona’s website www.fionafreer.co.uk



Yester Years Brixham

Yester Years provide historical and heraldic gifts, such as Coats of Arms and Surname Histories, as part of a product range designed to last a lifetime. Products include exclusive prints and scrolls, along with crystal and glass gifts, shields,  wall plaques, heraldic maps, fine jewellery and timepieces, and an extensive range of other gifts, all adorned with your chosen Coat of Arms.

These unique and personalised products are not available on the high street, and make the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in their Coat of Arms or Surname History. All products are quality keepsakes that appeal to people of all ages to display with pride and pass onto future generations.

The Yester Years website is informative yet simple and has a medieval inspired design that creates a strong atmosphere whilst not distracting customers away from the products on sale.

Why not take a look at the range of products on offer at www.yesteryearsbrixham.co.uk



T Horton & Son Ltd

As a long established local business Terry at T Horton & Son Ltd thought that it was time to invest in a website. A colour scheme of red, white and blue was chosen to reflect the colour of the vehicles in the company fleet often seen around the Torbay area and beyond.

T Horton & Son Ltd own, operate and hire out vehicles and plant designed to get the job done right. Their years of expertise in ground works etc make them the first and best choice. After a brief meeting and brain storming session the Horton family rallied around to find good quality images and provided the content needed to build a modern, engaging website.

The website makes it easier for potential customers to get in contact and provides a glimpse into some of the projects undertaken.

To visit the T Horton & Son Ltd website please follow the link www.thortonandson.com